Social media Strategy and Content 

Learn how to create an effective social media strategy and content with our 1:1 coaching, designed specifically for small businesses. We cover everything from creating a strategy, compelling content, social tactics and boosting posts.  



1. Create a Social Strategy 

2. What platforms 

3. Social tactics

4. Content strategy 

5 Content and boosting posts 

Social media Advertising 

Learn how to Advertise on Facebook and Instagram with our custom 1 on 1 coaching designed specifically for small businesses. We will cover everything from setting up, right through to strategy, measuring and advertising. 

Our social media advertising coaching runs over 5 sessions and will help you define, align and create advertising campaigns that work. 


1. Setting up 

2. Target Audiences 

3. Objectives and Creatives 

4. Create Campaigns, budget and measuring 

5. Advertising/Strategy 

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